Woollahra Small Sculpture

Golden Mean Agency
Creative Direction + Animation

The Woollahra Small Sculpture prize has been promoting small works with big ideas since 2001. Our team was engaged to help them promote their 2019 exhibition in an online campaign.

Natalie Rosin Sculpture
The work of Natalie Rosin

We were presented with a challenge at the start of this piece. Our client wanted to create a bold motion piece to draw an audience to the show, but had limited assets available, with only static photos on hand.

Luckily we had been presented with this problem before in previous campaigns for AGNSW (see Masters of Modern Art) and had developed a great workflow for isolating elements of each image in Photoshop and bringing the pieces to life with motion.

Benjamin Jay Sculpture
The work of Benjamin Jay

The real challenge for us in this project was to ensure the motion stayed true to the ideas and form of each sculpture. We made sure to consider each piece individually and pick an area of motion for each that would amplify its salient features.

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