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Creative Direction + Animation

Throwback is a series that explores the lives of iconic Australian creators such as John Marsden, Dolly Doctor and Jeff the Wiggle. Tallstory Films engaged us to create the show's branding, opening titles and animated sequences.

It's always amazing when you get to work with friends. This project was special for us because we were able to be a part of David May's (friend of the studio) own series.

David May, Director at Tallstory Films, came to us with an opportunity. His show, Throwback, revisits prominent figures in the childhoods of many Australians and digs into the story and person behind the iconic content. David wanted help producing the show's brand and motion sequence for the title cards in a way that would capture the nostalgia of the content while also reflecting the personal stories that form the heart of the show. To up the stakes, we also had to produce an illustrative animation piece for each story that would draw the viewer in before meeting the creator.

Dolly Magazine Concept Illustration
Distilling pop culture down to minimal illustrations.

The concept of the title cards was simple. Just as Throwback reveals the stories behind these prominent pieces of media, we wanted to slowly reveal the forms of each letter before resolving on the final title. Equipped with stunningly shot footage, we began playing with a mix of video and custom illustrations to create the painterly reveal effect that you see on each letter.

Character Reading Illustration
Each episode had a unique colour palette for the illustrations.

But this project went beyond the main titles. With a very hard deadline approaching fast, we had to make 9 individual animated sequences for each section of the show. To produce these, we were given audio tracks of people sharing their memories about the content and were set free to do the rest.

Record Illustration
Matching the compositions of illustration was important to thread together the ideas.

Blood was shed over Wacom pads as we spent 4 weeks furiously illustrating and painting concepts for each piece. We wanted the final output to have polish and production value, while still retaining a bit of childhood wonder.

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