Strategic Communications

Department of Education
Illustration + Animation

The strategic communications team at the NSW DoE came to us with a problem; how do we explain what we do, without sounding too authoritarian? The result, a colourful piece that focuses on process and the impact this team has on the well-being of NSW students.

Character Design Illustrations
We wanted to ensure the characters were minimal to give us flexibility in the animation.

This piece was a joy to make. The brief from our contact was very open ended and gave us lots of room to create colourful characters and dynamic compositions to drive the narrative. In creating this piece, we wanted the design to stay simple and the motion to get complex.

Scene Composition
Connecting threads drove the animation between scenes.

To achieve this we did a few things. We kept our characters and icon shapes very minimal, instead playing with colour and composition to create complexity in each scene. Next, we linked the motion of every scene. Creating tracks that carried shapes (representing the flow of ideas) around characters and between scenes.

Scene Composition Illustration 2
Geometric shapes activated scene elements and added textural interest.

The linked tracks made this piece a real challenge as everything had to be timed perfectly. The final result, however, speaks for itself. We're proud of the balance we struck here in sharing complex ideas with a friendly delivery.

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