Sell it with motion

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Creative direction + Animation

Sell it with Motion is a 2D explainer animation we made for ourselves to use as a sales tool in the digital product start up space.

Online store style frame

We noticed that the market is now flooded with explainer animations for apps and digital products, but the majority of these pieces weren't of the highest quality and lacked smooth, buttery motion. In addition to this, a lot of clients that were coming to us for these projects weren't really giving us the chance to create something special, so we took it upon ourselves to create something that would prove our capabilities and hopefully give us a chance to create something of the same quality (or higher) for our clients.

Podcast app style frame

In creating this piece there were many challenges, although none were quite as difficult as designing four different digital products with surrounding brands so we actually had something to animate. This is something we've dabbled in before so we thought we were up to the task!

Fitness app dashboard style frame

Lately we have been branching out into 3D design and animation, along with a few other styles of motion design, but for this piece we really wanted to show where we truly shine and showcase the style of animation we cut our teeth on.

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