Objects in motion

Chalk Company
Creative direction + Animation

Objects in Motion is a conceptual 3d animation with a focus on putting beautiful products in motion. As a concept piece, we handled everything from the creation of the 3d models to the final animation.

Cinema4d Process Image
Cinema4d Model Construction

That's right, this piece was just for us. Over the past year our studio has gone through some real changes. We've begun to focus specifically on our passion (motion design) and, as part of that process, we wanted to dive deeper into 3d to unlock new creative avenues for ourselves.

As designers, we've always appreciated beautiful products and wanted to take some time out to design some ourselves. All of the modelling and animation of this piece was done in Cinema4d using Redshift for the final renders.

Lighting Test
Lighting tests of models

We wanted this piece to stand out from our other work for its minimalism and focus on light. The concept was to slowly reveal each of the models in unique ways before resolving on a centered shot at the end. A lot of time was spent lining up lights and cameras to get the look we wanted.

Motion Test Image
Composition experimentation

You might notice that gravity has disappeared in quite a few of the scenes. We felt it was important in this piece to demonstrate what animation can do, that film will struggle with. The designers in us wanted to make beautiful products and the animators just wanted to see them fly around.

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