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Emanation is a studio piece that captures the feeling of a dream state. Light and physical space interact as we follow an orb through several temple spaces.


Emanation was rendered with Redshift and created within Maxon Cinema4d using a mix of custom modelled elements and scanned nature assets (sourced through Poliigon).

Starting this project, we had one goal - to create beautiful spaces filled with light. If you've been following our Instagram, you would have noticed significantly more work that plays with 3d space and interiors. Emanation was a chance to structure our efforts and finally bring motion to these experiments.

Starting with initial sketches, we quickly realised that traditional interiors wouldn't give us the scale we wanted for the piece. This lead us down the path towards a more open and light filled setting which ultimately set the tone for a dream-like piece.

Finally, we were ready for animation. The approach to motion was simple, with the orb object driving the scene while light drifted across the setting. To achieve the dream-like feeling for the piece, we opted for a slow and drifting motion style for most elements.

We then collaborated with the amazingly talented QB Sound who created a beautiful bespoke track for the animation and added SFX for the finishing touches.

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