Why Motion Design

October 30, 2019
Miles Hellyer

You may have noticed some changes in our business over the past year. Recently we've made the push deeper into illustration and motion design as we respond to the needs of our clients and our own creative instincts.

Chalk Company was started in 2014 in the bedroom of my shared apartment. Burnt out from a 2 year stretch in sales, I was desperate to enter a new industry that would allow me to spend my time more creatively.

Now in our 6th year, we've gone through quite a few changes:

  • We've scored Joel Stylis as a Creative Director to double our creative toolkit and add depth to every piece we make
  • My wife Hannah has spent the last year building a stand alone digital marketing business, Romper, which has been able to help our clients use the design work we create in the real world
  • And, we've continued to refine our offerings, focusing on areas that we deliver the most value to the people that need our help

That third point is why our tagline has changed. Heading into 2020 we are focusing all of our efforts on delivering bold and engaging motion pieces for our clients. Over the past few years the market has shown us a consistent demand for animation and as a group of designers that love to think up motion concepts, illustrate and animate - we couldn't be happier.

Laying the ground work for this, we spent time at the start of this year creating some personal projects such as Hot Tub and ERIC that gave us the opportunity to flex our animation muscles and see where our creative interests would lead. Now as we approach the holiday season, we're embarking on a new creative push. This has already taken the form of a recent concept piece, Objects in Motion, and will soon be followed up by a promotional piece led by Joel that focuses on the potential of UI animation.

We're excited to see what the next year will bring and what projects we'll be able to produce for our clients. Thanks for everyone that's supported us up until now and we can't wait to help you with your next piece of motion.

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